The Cinema Association Australasia continues to represent member’s interests in a variety of ways throughout the year, including:

  1. Represent and express the views and opinions of members within the Australian Cinema Industry on “whole of industry” issues.
  2. Engaging With Stakeholders – Working with Government & Media to highlight cinema’s critical contribution to cultural and society, emphasised recently when the Australian Bureau Of Statistics again highlighted that Cinema remains Australia’s preferred cultural activity.  The Association hold ongoing meetings with industry bodies and government, contributing as required to Government Commissions and Committees, expressing members’ views and opinions to State and Federal Governments as required.
  3. Availability Of Appealing Content – Supporting the various distributor, creative associations, industry associations and government screen associations in ensuring that there exists an exceptional line-up of diverse appealing content, released across the full calendar year. 
  4. Supporting The Creation Of Australian Film – Working with government agencies and filmmakers to increase the number of Australian stories that can be enjoyed in cinemas.
  5. Fighting Piracy – Supporting Creative Content Australia and other agencies in lobbying government for support in enhancing copyright enforcement provisions and increasing awareness and education around the ongoing fight against piracy.
  6. Highlighting The Industry Benefit Of Healthy Windows – Continuing to highlight the incremental value of the theatrical window to industry stakeholders.
  7. Organisation Of Industry Events – Organising the Australian International Movie Convention (77th year) & Content Showcases which showcase distributor content, celebrate industry achievements, showcase technology advancements, educate members and unite the industry.
  8. Other
    • Representing the industry in any discussions or submissions that affect the cost base, including staying  abreast of any proposed industrial relations changes to ensure that members interests are protected.
    • Collaborating with global industry associations, sharing information and ideas.
    • Enhancing communications with members on international trends, news, technological advancements, and best practice.